Our favorite kind of wedding cake is the kind that

makes a statement by adding to your wedding décor.


Vanilla Bean, Butter Cake, Hershey Milk Chocolate, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Confetti, Almond, Carrot, Coconut, Italian Cream


Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Bavarian Cream, Peanut Butter Mousse, Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Pumpkin


American Buttercream, Chocolate Butter Cream, Cream Cheese, Ganache

Specialty Cakes 

Carrot, Italian Cream, Black Forest, Candy Cakes

Specialty Desserts & Pies

Fruit Pies, Cream Pies, Cobblers, Cookies, Cheese Cake Bites, Brownies, Cake Pops 
Chocolate covered strawberries and other fruits