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Who is Margaret Claire?

Miss Margaret Dyer and Miss Clara Wilson were born in the 1920’s and grew into beautiful, sweet tea and pie-making southern belles. During the 1940’s, both Margaret and Clara became wartime brides of WWII. Because of the draft, many young couples were wed in quick, short notice courthouse weddings. The hurried marriages left many new brides wondering what it would have been like to have had a “real church wedding." Years later, Margaret and Clara became grandmothers and found themselves watching their granddaughter prepare to walk down the aisle. They presented the bride with a lovely box adorned with a white bow and a tag that read, “Today as you marry the love of your life, please wear these pearls and the matching earrings and carry us with you down the aisle we never walked.”


Those lovely ladies, Margaret and Clara, are the grandmothers of Kristy Myers, owner of Margaret Claire's Weddings & Events. From her grandmothers, Kristy learned lessons in how to be a lady, how to respect and love, how to bake fine southern cuisine, and best of all how to throw one heck of a party!

It's only fitting that the legacy of the two ladies who were never given the wedding of their dreams be realized in countless weddings to come. We celebrate with each of our Margaret Claire's couples while wearing a pearl necklace to honor the countless ladies who sacrificed their dream weddings in support of their husbands and their country.

Meet our Team

Founder & Owner of Margaret Claire's Weddings & Events


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Bridal Consultant & Event Specialist 

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