Brianna & Cordell

"Best Team! Margaret Claire's was hired a year and a half before the wedding date. Through all of the planning, this team's creativity and experience showed. We were so happy with the process and eagerly anticipated the big day. Then COVID happened. Presenting an unforseen and never before experienced series of challenges to all who had wedding plans, we relied heavily on our Margaret Claire's team. They really came through! Due to event attendance restrictions, one wedding turned into two separate events with only a day in between. Margaret Claire's put together the dream wedding we hoped for and creatively designed a separate and unique event for guests we couldn't have at our special day. Both events were special and allowed everyone to enjoy the union of a beloved couple. Thank you Kristy and everyone at Margaret Claire's! You are wonderful!"

- Lori M., Mother of the Bride 

Anna & Chris

"Hiring Megan Mynatt was the BEST decision we made in our entire wedding process. Her ability to help guide us in almost every aspect of the wedding made the whole process so much easier. She was a non-biased, experienced voice to help settle any disputes. Megan was punctual, responsive, intuitive, and genuine. She wants you to have a special day and wants to take the burden off of you. Not only is she helpful in the planning, but the day of she is EVEN BETTER!! She was NOT frantically running around yelling at people to get things done. Megan was a constant presence of tranquility while always providing a quick solution to any issue that occurred. Whenever there was a need, somehow she would appear out of nowhere, fix the issue, and disappear. Do yourself a favor and hire Megan! You will not regret it."

- Chris P., Groom

Elizabeth & Thomas

"Absolutely the best decision we made when choosing wedding vendors! Kristy and her team made the entire process easy, and truthfully very fun! They calmed my nerves and held my hand when it was necessary and helped plan the most gorgeous wedding for us. I can not thank them enough for all they did for us. Look no further, they’re absolutely the best in the business."

- Elizabeth T., Bride 

Hannah & Cameron

"No amount of words can explain the joy our wedding day brought us, still to this day actually. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of a perfect wedding with sparkle and class. Margaret Claire struck my eye after hearing so many good things from multiple sources. I never thought I would become so attached to a company who plans weddings for a living. When I started planning, I was introduced to a woman named Megan, who ended up being my coordinator/planner, and I cannot explain enough how wonderful she is. She is kind hearted with an eye for glamor while also keeping it classy. I never had to worry or stress about a thing because she already had it all planned out, down to the last detail. Because of her, our wedding day went on seamlessly and it's everything we wished it would be. Every detail, every moment was perfect. I would recommend Margaret Claire to any couple who wants a group of sweet people to help plan and coordinate the craziest but best day of their lives."

- Hannah S., Bride 


Love Notes

Emma & Andrew

"If you are anything like me & want EVERYTHING and MORE for your wedding, then Margaret Claire is where all of your wedding dreams will come true! Megan and her Margaret Claire team (they're the sweetest and always on top of it!!) were absolutely lovely to have as part of our wedding day team. Unlike any other wedding planner I've known, you can have everything planned through them (flowers, cake, food, decor, planning, set up/clean up, & music), which is incredibly convenient for a busy bride. As a bride, there are a lot of details that are solely on the bride's shoulders, but with Margaret Claire, I was able to do the things that only a bride can do without being too overwhelmed. It is very comforting to have Margaret Claire because they are always bending over backward for each one of their brides! I wish every bride could be a Margaret Claire Bride! I would highly recommend setting up a meeting with Margaret Claire's & you'll see what every MC bride sees - BLISS!"

- Emma B., Bride 

Nicole & Scott

"The team at Margaret Claire's are miracle workers and fairy godmothers. My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Megan from the time we booked our venue until the very last minute on the night of our wedding. Megan is extremely talented and skilled at her craft. She immediately connected with us and knew exactly what we were envisioning. As a bride, planning your wedding is stressful and keeping everything in line and all of the details in check is hard. Megan made it very easy, calming and relaxing. She is extremely organized and quick to respond if we had any questions or concerns. Her professionalism, calmness and attention to detail shined on our big day. The day of our wedding, she made sure everyone had what they needed. If there was an issue, Megan was one step ahead of it and ready to fix it. I praise Megan and Savannah on our big day along with DJ Keith for really making our wedding day perfect. We cannot thank them enough!"

- Nicole K., Bride

Alyssa & Jack

"Kristy and her entire team did an amazing job in helping us have the best day ever!! From the time I got engaged to our wedding day, Kristy helped make my dream wedding a reality. She took my ideas and Pinterest board and made it a reality! The table decorations were beautiful! We had so many compliments on how AMAZING and tasty the food and cake were. DJ, Keith, was so fun and played the best music! Our entire wedding day from beginning to end was stress free thanks to her. Kristy is the best person and the best wedding planner! You will not be disappointed in choosing Margaret Claire’s!"

- Alyssa M., Bride

Marena & Jonathon

"Margaret Claire’s was a life savor and the best money you’ll spend!!! Our wedding day had a chance of rain which lead us to our back up plan, which Kristy and her team completely went above and beyond! Everything was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined and they saved the day by making us love our back up plan more than the original! ❤️ They’re the best!"

- Marena M., Bride

Amy & Michael

"I cannot say enough good things about Margaret Claire's! My wedding planner, Megan, was a godsend. She made sure to keep me on track while letting me have complete control over every single detail of my wedding. Whenever I needed input, the first person I texted was my wedding planner, and she would respond within a couple minutes with her opinion. My wedding day ran so smoothly and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about it! If you don't have a wedding planner and are thinking of getting one, you should definitely work with Margaret Claire's! They are worth every single penny!"

- Amy D., Bride

Amy and Michael Wedding Day-Bride and Gr
Lindsay & Sean

"On behalf of the both of us, we are forever grateful for both, and ugh, Taylor, thank you for being there on our day and making everything run smooth as butter. You are and were a consummate professional that day making us both feel extremely relaxed and comfortable with the ever changing weather and every little detail we thought of and more! We could not have been more lucky to have the entire Margaret Claire’s team with us that day. As the pictures and memories pour in, we know that in everyone of them, they are touched by you all.  We can not express our true gratitude for that. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- Lindsay S., Bride 

Lindsey and Sean-10.jpg
Brittany & Ryan
Brittany and Ryan Wedding434.jpg

"Margaret Claire’s was and is like family with the dedication they brought to make my day special. The people here are some of the sweetest and caring people you will ever meet. Every single person here will do everything in their power & then some to make your day even more magical than you can imagine. Working with Megan was the most fun part of planning. I was so excited for our meetings. she’s always just a text away & gets back to you as soon as she can. (Even at 1 in the morning when you’re up looking at ideas on Pinterest). She is a mom, sister, hype women & best friend all rolled into one. I am terrible with making decisions for myself because I always want to make sure everyone else is happy. However, Megan was there to reassure me that I need to pick things that will make me happy. It was so enjoyable picking out color schemes and decorations for our day. When it finally came, I was blown away with emotion when I saw everything so well put together at my wedding. The Margaret Claire’s family took the things we had picked, and created moments that still take my breath away to this day. I was a Margaret Claire’s bride in June of 2021, I am constantly looking back at our photos and showing them off. This team will go above and beyond to make your day even better than you could ever imagine. I am so please to have worked with them, and they will always hold a special place in my heart!

Much love to the Margaret Claire’s family!"
- Brittany S., Bride 

Laurel & Hunter 

"Two weeks after our daughter’s wedding, and we still can’t believe how absolutely PERFECT it all was—and that had everything to do with Margaret Claire’s and our incredible planner, Megan. My daughter and her now-husband had a pretty clear vision of how they wanted their wedding to be, and I can honestly say that MC made their dreams reality. I cannot express how many times I heard: “This is the best wedding ever!” from our wedding guests. The most beautiful, the most fun, the best food… on and on. In short, it was a magical day from start to finish. And we were all completely relaxed. All day.

Megan told me from the beginning that her job was to make sure I, the mother of the bride, had nothing to do on the wedding day but enjoy it. I cannot express what a gift this was! I was with my daughter all day, delighting in every minute from start to finish without worrying about decorating or directing people or setting up or cleaning up one single thing. And that’s just on the wedding day!

I will freely admit that initially I was skeptical of needing a wedding planning service. I mean, I enjoy this kind of thing myself: planning, decorating, etc. What could be so hard about it? I had no idea.

From our very first meeting, Megan embraced us personally as a family, not as generic clients. She took the time to get to know my daughter, her now-husband, and their tastes. She listened, made a few suggestions, and then got to planning. Megan kept them on schedule but with enough flexibility to accommodate their own busy lives. Margaret Claire’s has a whole warehouse of decorations, from table numbers to candle holders to furniture, so we didn’t have to buy any decorations except a few things for the photo booth. The whole Margaret Claire’s system is efficient, flexible, personal, well organized, and creative. Megan had suggestions for vendors but didn’t insist on using any particular ones. All her suggestions were wonderful, from the DJ to the make-up artist to the cakes. The last month before the wedding, Megan worked tirelessly to make sure every single detail was covered. We trusted that Megan was taking care of all the details and would just tell us if there was anything we needed to be doing.

I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely flawless the actual wedding day was. I knew it would be gorgeous, but WOW. Megan and the Margaret Claire’s team did literally everything: all the set-up, decorating, every single tiny detail. They made us laugh and allowed us to relax and enjoy each moment. We don’t even know any of the behind-the-scenes glitches, if there were any, because they handled everything. Really, we could go on and on and on, but my advice: do not attempt to plan a wedding without Margaret Claire’s. They made our one and only daughter’s wedding truly the best day ever."

- Sarah S., Mother of the Bride 

jamie-pratt-lh (187).jpg
Caitlyn & Brandon

"I want to start out by saying Kristy stepped in half way through the planning of my daughter Caitlyn's TN destination wedding. Kristy and her team by far exceeded our expectations. With the short amount of time they had to work with, they took all the pressure and stress off my daughter and made her wedding day the most magical and memorable day she could have ever imagined. Kristy let us know from the moment she accepted our wedding that we would not have to worry about anything and she was absolutely correct. Listening to Kristy and Megan's laughter watching our crazy family's antics on the dance floor was so enjoyable and heartwarming. My sister who has ALS and in a wheelchair was accommodated at every moment of the day. They constantly made sure she was comfortable and continued to ask her if she needed anything. I would recommend Kristy and her team for planning any event you need a planner for. Their professionalism and kindness is more than genuine. I consider them part of the family now."
- Theresa S., Mother of the Bride 

S hannon & Sean

"I was totally against the idea of a wedding planner until I met MC's through Meadhaven. I knew I was a control freak and didn't see the point of hiring someone when I would be so nitpicky anyway. I could not have been more wrong, though, as upgrading to full services ended up being the best thing we did. As an out-of-state bride, I'd now say it was a necessity. The gift of not having to buy and transport decor, secure calligraphy, and spend the day of setting up was the best gift anyone could have ever given us. It was hands free and yet exactly how I wanted it.

Megan, Kristy, and the entire team were lovely, and their professional knowledge and connections to other vendors made everything easier. At a certain point, even simple communication with vendors became too overwhelming, and Megan was always there to intercept my stress and repackage it into digestible information for vendors. By the week of the wedding, I was horribly sick and lost my voice, and I'm sure I wouldn't have made it down the aisle without Megan's sweet blend of Southern hospitality and efficiency. She ran interference, and I will forever be grateful for her strength that day. Love Margaret Claire's!"

- Shannon B., Bride


Love Notes

Ashlyn & Cameron

"I've been trying to find the right words for leaving these lovely ladies a review. This review is long overdue (mostly because I'm lazy)- but also because I'm still speechless about how thankful and blessed we felt to have Margaret Claire's apart of our wedding day. 

I went into wedding planning after getting engaged picturing myself doing all of the planning and coordinating. Our venue came with Margaret Claire's services and at first I was hesitant. I'm a control freak.. and I had a vision of what I wanted our wedding to look like and I wanted it perfect. After meeting with our planners, we were swept off our feet. I felt like I could breathe. They became more than just our wedding planners. They became our friends. They literally took our vision and all my pinterest ideas and they moved mountains with it. Our wedding was gorgeous and more than what we dreamed of. When our wedding day came, I felt relieved. I had no stress about how everything was being put together because I trusted them. Megan and Savannah made our wedding day more than perfect and it was so fun to have them there to celebrate with. 

We are eternally grateful for the ladies at Margaret Claire's. Thank you for making us apart of your family. You were the biggest blessing and we love you forever!"

- Ashlyn M., Bride

Kendall & Kody

"Just wanted to thank Megan for the most beautiful wedding ever. She and her staff made sure every detail was perfect. She took a blank slate and made it look like it came out of a movie. Could not have had a more perfect day! They worked tirelessly to make the day amazing. And the love and support she gave during the entire process was exceptional. She truly is a blessing to have had as a wedding coordinator. She truly cares about your day just as much as you do. Again, a huge thank you to Megan, Savannah, Shane, Cailin, and Margaret Claire’s for the the most beautiful, amazing wedding. It was so much more than we ever expected."

- Amanda H., Mother of the Bride 

Cassie & Will

"I wanted to reach out to thank you for a lovely evening. My family and friends had a lovely time. Memories I will try hard to never forget. Thank you again for being such a wonderful wedding planner and friend. I couldn't have done this without you...well it wouldn't have been fun or stress free."

- Cassie P., Bride

Will same day-24.jpg
Erin & Jason 

"I can't even begin to start on how amazing MC's was to work with while planning and executing our wedding! I feel so lucky to have found Kristy, and been assigned Megan as my wedding planner! Megan truly went above and beyond all of our expectations...she is a wedding GENIUS! From start to finish, the process was exceptional. I think hiring a wedding planner is one of the best decisions we made throughout the wedding process, and MC's is the best in East Tennessee, hands down. One thing that MC's provides that is very unique is they let you borrow their décor and take care of your signs for the wedding (it's included in their package). I don't know of any other wedding planner in town that offers this, and it really helped save us time and money.. My guests were truly blown away by the ceremony and reception, and I have to give 100% of the credit to Megan and her team. They took my out-of-the box ideas and turned them in to a reality. I am so grateful to have found them, and am honestly sad the process is over because I loved talking with Megan every day. MC's will forever hold a special place in our hearts."

- Erin F., Bride 

Winx PhotoSloan&Christian071320190953Married.jpg
Sloan & Christian

"I would have NEVER survived my wedding day without Kristy and her team!! I cannot say enough nice things about them! They took care of EVERYTHING while I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding day. Without any hesitation this is certainly the best money spent in regards to my wedding!! HUGE thanks to Kristy and her team for making my wedding dreams a reality! (Kristy is also a super sweet woman of Christ who truly lives for the Lord, which is a HUGE added bonus in my opinion.)"

- Sloan K., Bride

Rachel & Jake 

"I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Kristy Myers and Margaret Claire's team! They are highly experienced and will cover every little detail that you would have never thought to cover. They know of different vendors in the area and can help you to book nearly everything you will need for the big day. My personality tends toward such anyway, but I didn't stress at all leading up to the wedding and on wedding day because Kristy and her team were covering everything, and I could just enjoy the day. Kristy is so precious and BEYOND helpful! She is not just a wedding coordinator, but is someone who truly wants for you to have a great wedding day for the sake of the bride and groom, not her own! She became a friend in the process, and we love Kristy! We also met Megan, her assistant, the day of the wedding, who was just as precious, though I was only with her for a brief time. Seriously, if you are looking to get married, you NEED a coordinator, and Kristy and her team are worth double what we paid for her/them. I have no regrets and would have paid for her 5 times over for the assistance, experience, and friendship that she provided. So thankful for them!"

-Rachel T., Bride

Anna & Mitchell

"We are so pleased with our experience with Margaret Claire’s... as the mother of the bride I was able to truly relax and enjoy the wedding. Megan truly made my daughter’s dream come true with every I dotted and every T crossed! The decor provided was stunning , the wedding ceremony just beautiful and the reception was so fun and every wish that we had planned was fulfilled ! The food was delicious and beautifully presented. I truly recommend all of their services."

- Carol A., Mother of the Bride 

G retchen & Noah

"Kristy and the ladies at Margaret Claire's are absolutely SPECTACULAR. I feel as if I cannot even adequately express in words how wonderful they are. Hiring Kristy as our wedding planner was by far the best decision we made throughout our wedding process. Not only is she absolutely wonderful to work with, she directs you to the best vendors in the Knoxville area. So, not only will you have the best wedding planner, you will also have the best of everything else. It is also obvious that Kristy is incredibly respected by the rest of the wedding vendors in the Knoxville area. Everyone had the most wonderful things to say about her. Our wedding day went perfectly, and was completely stress free because of her. She set up and tore everything down, and made sure every detail was taken care of. Genuinely, words cannot describe how great she is. Hiring Kristy was easily the best money we spent on our wedding, and looking back, she is definitely worth even more. HIRE KRISTY AND MARGARET CLAIRES FOR YOUR WEDDING, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!"

- Gretchen C., Bride